About OsomPress

We don’t know about you but before we purchase any digital product we look who is behind the project. Are they trustworthy? Do they really know what are they doing? Do they offer good support? Will they last overtime?

So maybe you are thinking:
«Yeah, the themes and plugins look pretty nice, but who the hell is behind them?»

Well, attending to the name probably “Osom” people, right? 😉

Jokes aside, we are Nahuai and Esther, two WordPress developers who love to share their knowledge with the community (organizing Meetups, writing tutorials, creating free plugins, recording podcasts…).

Indeed, it was after one of those episodes of Freelandev when we started thinking about creating our own theme shop.

If you spend all day developing websites for clients with Genesis Framework, over time it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right (or new) theme. You’ve used all the ones you like in several projects, haven’t you?

That’s when OsomPress was born. Well, its seed, but you get it, right? 🙂

The aim of this project is to help web creators to save time and make things easier for less experienced users.

Do you want to know more about us?
Take a look to our bios (and faces).

Nahuai Badiola

I am a WordPress developer specialized on Genesis Framework and CEO of codigogenesis.com , a membership site with +900 guided tutorials in Spanish to customize Genesis and WordPress using code snippets.

I am pretty active on the WordPress and Genesis community giving talks, volunteering, translating and organizing events. Indeed, I am the lead organizer of the first Genesis community event on Barcelona (Spain). I also have the pleasure (and honor!) to be part of the Genesis Shapers team, a global, hand-selected and diverse group of people who share a representative voice for the strategic direction of Genesis.

Esther Solà

Web developer for 15 years, mother of 3, I work daily with WordPress and Genesis Framework.

CEO of TranquilidadWP, a WordPress care and maintenance service and ZonaDPW, a training site for freelance web developers.

I absolutely enjoy the moment where design and development come together.