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WordPress Themes and Plugins crafted without haste

We love taking the time to create our WordPress Themes and Plugins, paying attention to the small details: clean code, purpose-driven design, and user-friendly interface.

These are the details that, at the end of the day, truly mark the difference between just working hard and genuinely enjoying the creation of your website.

Easy Setup

Our themes offer One-Click Setup. You will be able to get the theme like in the demo in… yes! One click! Say goodbye to the frustrations after activating the theme.

Modern WordPress

Our themes are not only ready for the block editor but also built with it on mind. They support all the cool features: wide/full width, color palette, block patterns and collections…

Firsthand Support

Get direct help from us (Nahuai and Esther), the creators of all Osom themes and plugins. We have years of experience offering support on our platforms and love doing it.

Blazing fast

Our themes are built for performance, with clean and lightweight code, without unnecessary functionalities. That means they load fast and your visitors will love it, Google included.

WordPress Plugins & Block Templates

When we find a code that saves time for us and our clients, we love to share it.

Our plugins solve specific problems, don’t have unnecessary frills and just offer the meaningful options.

Check them out in the WordPress repository and download them for free.

Feedback Like This Proves We’re Getting It Right

Great Support

I had an conflicting plugin issue with this plugin and the support team was very kind and helpful. I was able to resolve the issue quickly and the plugin is working as it should.

Annie – Simple Social Icons

Does What It Says On The Tin

Excellent plugin. Simple to configure. Can be a little tricky when using with Divi but support provided for the plugin is quick and effective. If you are after a simple clean modal login that is easy to style, this is the one. Highly recommend.

littledinkie – Osom Modal Login

Very useful and extremely simple

A very simple and easy-to-use plugin, fully integrated with the blocks, giving the appearance of native functionality for each block.

Juan María Arenas (translated version) – Osom Block Visibility

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