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Osom Modal Login

500 active installs
Version: 1.5
Tested up to: 6.5.5
WordPress minimum version required: 5.0

Osom Modal Login lets you easily create a modal box (pop-up) displaying the WordPress login form. In block themes, Osom Modal Login uses the native WordPress login/out block, so you can introduce this login/out block on the header (or footer) navigation block and it will display a modal box with the login form when clicked. On the other hand, in classic themes it automatically adds a menu item named “Login”, which you can customize, at the end of the selected menu(s). Once you click on it, it will also launch the login modal box.

Alternatively, you can also use the included shortcode or the native login/out block to add the modal login box in any place of the web.


With Osom Modal Login you can customize several parameters in the options page.
Both in classic and block themes:
1. Customize “Login” text.
2. Customize “Logout” text.
3. Set login and logout URL redirection.
4. Display/hide “Remember me” checkbox.
5. Display/hide “Did you forget your password” link.
6. Display/hide Register link.
7. Set Register text link (if displayed).
Only in classic themes:
8. Set the title of the modal box.
9. Select the navigation menu where you want to add login/out item. You can choose more than one or the option ‘none’ if you don’t want to add it in any menu location.

You can also use the built-in shortcode to add the modal box any where in your website or use the WordPress login/out native block with the setting “Display login as form” unselected.

Shortcode usage (optional)

You just need to enclose your custom text in [osom-login] shortcode.
For example: [osom-login] Custom text [/osom-login]

Quick Setup Videos

In classic themes:

In block themes:

If you want more info about the setup and configuration you can check the tutorials below.


Dev Features

  • The plugin uses Vanilla JavaScript so you can use it even if you dequeue WordPress jQuery. It’s always nice to keep the dependencies to the minimum.