Display the last entries of a custom post type using a block

Display last entries CPT

Display and customize the last entries of any custom post type easily with Osom Blocks plugin.

Until recently, the most common way to display the latest entries of a custom post type, such as portfolio, podcasts or courses, anywhere on our website, was by creating a shortcode.

It’s a very practical way, if you know some code, cause you can choose the parameters and the HTML layout to display, however you have to have some experience of PHP and WordPress to be able to do it and it’s not always possible.

With the new block editor, the goal was to have one that allowed you to choose the type of post to display and be able to add it anywhere on a page or post, but so far, the only ones we’ve found practical were only for post or native WordPress pages.

That’s why at OsomPress we have prepared one precisely to cover that need, Osom Custom Post Type Block.

Osom Blocks Plugin

Osom CPT Block allows us to show a list with the last records of the type of post we need, whether they are posts or native pages, or any custom post type that have been configured with a plugin or we have created ourselves: courses, podcasts, portfolios, services… any.

We’ll only have to field the name of the custom post type and select among the options it gives us to customize:

Osom Block Settings
  1. The Custom Post Type.
  2. Number of posts.
  3. Display/hide the featured image.
  4. Display/hide the excerpt
  5. Show in grid layout
  6. Choose the title HTML markup (H2, H3 or H4).
  7. Customize the “read more” text.

Simple and practical, it is available in the WordPress repository, as part of the Osom Blocks collection, in which we will be adding more blocks to help us create websites that are easier to maintain and expand by our customers.

If you are interested you can download it for free on the WordPress repository. 👇

The plugin has been featured on WP Glob website. If you are interested, you can promote your WordPress plugin there.

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