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We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Easy Digital Downloads to make our themes look great when using the plugin.

This came a natural association because EDD team is looking to streamline the plugin user experience, we are happy EDD customers and we always put customer user experience first.

Thats way all our themes offer:

  • One-click Them Setup (OCTS)
  • Block Patterns
  • Block Collections

This allows the user to get the theme like in the demo in few seconds, which is a great starting point. Together with the block patterns and collections the user can save a lot of time.

So both companies share a client-first approach vision, but not only that EDD is now part of Awesome Motive, so as you can see there is another Osom/Awesome common point.

Jokes aside thanks to the partnership with EDD all our themes will be updated to offer:

  • Starter Packs with EDD customized experience
  • Customized styles for EDD pages (checkout, cart, single, archive…)
  • Block Styles for EDD
  • Improvements to minimize the checkout fields

The first theme to receive all these nice features is Karma, so say hello to Karma Digital.

Karma Digital

Now when you activate the theme you will be able to choose between the Original or Digital flavor.

When you choose the Digital starter pack, apart from the usual plugins, it will install Easy Digital Downloads and Easy Digital Downloads Blocks.

As you can see in the demo (link) the Karma Digital has its own color palette and typography. It also comes with new page layouts as the one displaying EDD products:

To create this page we use Easy Digital Downloads Blocks plugin which allows to the user easily modify it. And on top of it we created block styles to offer an extra easy customization.

You will also find a dedicated section in block templates:

and a Collection on Genesis Blocks:

Both the block templates and collections are tied to the starter pack you are using. So you will always have layout designs that match the theme look and feel.

If you are an EDD user we hope you find the new Karma Digital is a great theme to work with.

We invite you to take a look to Karma Digital demo and the great post published on EDD blog.

Next steps

In the coming weeks Dakota and Uprising themes will be also updated to have all the EDD friendly features that we mentioned above.

As always the update will be completely free for all existing customers.

We are really happy to be partners of one of our favorite WordPress plugins and we have the feeling that “this could be the beginning of an osom/awesome friendship”. 😀

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